Book Review: I Don’t Belong Here

I Don’t Belong Here by Tayla Jean Grossberg

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I can see ghosts.

Living with this “gift” means I don’t relate to many people. My sister, Juan, does not understand me. My parents, Andrea and Ned, don’t listen, and I don’t have any friends. The only ones I can talk to are my Grandmother May and my dog, Amore.

When I meet a tall, alluring boy named Dimitri, he is the kind of understanding friend I never thought I’d have, and I can confide in him. But Dimitri has secrets of his own.

Though I try to live a normal life, I see something I should never have, and I swear to take this secret to my grave. Yet some secrets want out, no matter what.

In a world where I don’t belong, will I end up six feet underground?

I Don’t Belong Here started out slow, but it didn’t take long for it to pick up and become a fast paced story with a fun plot line and a ton of twists and turns.

Charlotte takes after her grandmother in that they can both see ghosts. Charlotte does her best to avoid them by steering clear of cemeteries and the like. But when she starts seeing a specific ghost repeatedly, Charlotte has to decide whether this ghost is friend or foe, which leaves her with a mystery to solve. The ghost did creep me out, but I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen.

Charlotte is a character I related to quite a bit. Like me, she is quiet, doesn’t love crowds or socializing, and prefers the company of her books. When she meets cute boy Dimitri at the mall, and as she gets to know him he does open her up to a few new things, but overall she remains true to her identity throughout the book. Grandma May is a cool old lady, but it is incredibly sad that the only family that speaks to her is Charlotte.

I do enjoy ghosty type books, and this one definitely gave me a few chills. I don’t think I’m easily spooked, though perhaps I am. That’s not really a bad thing though. I like when I find creepy books creepy.

I did guess the final plot twist fairly early on, which was a tad disappointing, but I still enjoyed seeing exactly how the story would unfold. The book was an overall easy read, and I was pretty eager to see where it was going to take me next.

Do you enjoy ghost stories? Let me know!

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