It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme that is currently being hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date.

And just like that, it is Monday again. I had a busy week last week. I’m moving at the end of the month, so my week was filled with appointments and viewings, and now that I have a place lined up, it is on to the packing! Current situation is a sea of boxes. Lottie has discovered she is good at, and enjoys, packing. Who knew? Give a 7 year old a tape gun and stuff gets done.

It does however mean that last week was a slow reading week. Between the slight stress, and slight excitement, I haven’t found a whole lot of time to take a breath and sit and read. And let’s face it, in all likelihood that will be my August. Lottie starts back at school in three weeks, and I still haven’t even contemplated starting back to school shopping.

With that said:

What I read last week:

Technically I’m still working my way through Lil’s Bus Trip, so I’m currently reading it, but I was also reading it last week, so that counts. It’s fun, a mixed bunch of people on a European mini bus tour, it’s an adventure. But the main character, Lil, I do find her a little exhausting and tedious at times. Like if I were actually on the bus trip with Lil, I would want to get off. I think she’s supposed to be a ‘cool’ OAP, but I wouod rather stay home. That said, I’m only 9 chapters in, so there is still time for it to pick up a bit, and maybe the woman gets less annoying. Lil’s 60-ish year old daughter Cassie is also on the bus trip. Cassie writes depressing poems which she recites while playing a banjo. She is much more interesting to me, and at this point, she is the only reason I am still reading.

What I am reading now:

Yeah, so while looking for something kind of fun and lighthearted on Kindle Unlimited yesterday, I found this. The Birthday by Carol Wyer. It is neither. It’s good, and I was instantly hooked, and have somehow flown through 13 chapters. It’s stressful, and gut-wrenching, but that is what I am currently reading. I mean, I love thrillers, and this has so far hit every single emotion I possess.

What I’m reading next:

Last Lullaby is the next Carol Wyer book that comes after The Birthday, and is also on Kindle Unlimited so I have that downloaded and ready to go next.

And I also have Donuts, Deception And Death by Eloise Brightly downloaded on the Kindle too. This one is a beachy, summery, cozy mystery for when the heavy crime thrillers inevitably get to be too much.

What are you reading this week? Let me know!

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